P.S. 138 Brooklyn

Vision Statement

While striving for excellence, P.S. 138 works collaboratively with all stakeholders to create an all-inclusive, risk-free learning environment where all students are given equal opportunity to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically in a culturally diverse academic community.

At P.S. 138, our team actively engages in differentiated instruction based on continuous assessments and data analysis. Students are empowered to share in the ownership of their learning while engaging in collaborative and independent work that reflects critical thinking, decision making, logical reasoning, and making connections to real-world experiences that promote college and career readiness for a successful life.

Instructional Focus

Strengthen the Core Instruction

Mission Statement

Children First! High expectations based on collaborative effort with parents, students, staff, and administrators to provide high quality education that meets the needs of all students. P.S. 138 is committed to actively engage all students in daily rigorous instruction as mandated by the New York State Next Generation Math, Advanced Literacy, Science, and Social Studies Learning Standards as well as the STEAM program. This instructional focus is designed to enhance student emotional, academic, and social performance to build well-rounded college and career ready individuals as well as productive members of the global society.

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