P.S. 138 Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with your child.

Ms. Marie Chauvet-Monchik

Principal of P.S. 138

Ms. Marie Chauvet- Monchik has work for over 30 years in public school education. She has taught science, has been an administrative assistant and has a strong love for children. Ms. Chauvet-Monchik has developed a culture of a positive climate for students of all background to feel comfortable in a loving atmosphere.

Email me: Mchauve@schools.nyc.gov

School Support Team

Dean of Schools: Ms. Alexandre email: MAlexandre@schools.nyc.gov
Principal Secretary : Ms. Tate email: STate3@schools.nyc.gov
Guidance Counselor: Ms. Robinson email: CRobins2@schools.nyc.gov
Parent Coordinator: Ms. Taveraemail: JTavera5@schools.nyc.gov
Community Associate: Ms. McIntoshemail: KMcIntosh7@schools.nyc.gov
School Psychologist: Ms. Bastienemail: MBastien2@schools.nyc.gov
ESL Teacher: Ms. Charlesemail: WCharles@schools.nyc.gov
Physical Therapist: Mr. Carreonemail: RCarreon@schools.nyc.gov
Occupational Therapist: Mr. Alemanemail: JAleman@schools.nyc.gov
Speech Teacher: Ms. Domitrzemail: KDomitrz@schools.nyc.gov
Speech Teacher: Ms. Salgadoemail: TSalgado2@schools.nyc.gov
Speech Teacher: Ms. Lopezemail: BLopez13@schools.nyc.gov

Classes & Teacher Teams

Elementary School Staff

Pre-Kindergarten Ms. Edwards (Blended Learning)
Ms. A. Gonzalez (Remote)
KindergartenMs. Fidelis (Blended Learning)
Ms. Decady (Blended Learning)
Ms. Delisca (Remote)
First Grade Ms. Brutus (Blended Learning)
Ms. Bruno (Blended Learning)
Mr. Senat (Blended Learning)
Ms. Bonham (Remote)
Second Grade Ms. Brutus-Flores (Blended Learning)
Ms. Melilo (Remote)
Third GradeMs. Saintine (Blended Learning)
Ms. J. Gonzalez (Blended Learning)
Ms. Ross (Blended Learning)
Mr. Petti (remote)
Fourth GradeMs. Vasquez (Blended Learning)
Mr. Jakubowitz (Blended Learning)
Mr. Cayard ( Remote)
Fifth Grade Ms. Paul (Blended Learning)
Ms. Allen (Blended Learning)
Mr. Pieper(Remote)

Middle School Staff

Sixth Grade Mr. Oliveria (Blended Learning)
Ms. Mason ( Blended Learning)
Ms. Hird ( Blended Learning)
Ms. Straker-Santos (Remote)
Ms. Laguerre (Remote)
Seventh Grade Ms. Faulk (Blended Learning)
Ms. Brown (Blended Learning)
Ms. Marthone (Remote)
Ms. Robinson (Remote)
Eighth Grade Mr. McClean ( Blended Learning)
Ms. Jagdees (Blended Learning)
Mr. Charles ( Blended Learning)
Ms. Castro ( Remote)
Ms. Straker-Santos (Remote)
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