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NYC DOE information for Learning Preference :

Choosing Remote Instruction for Fall – webProcess for Choosing Fully Remote Instruction. Families can choose full-time remote learning at any time, for any reason, using the Learning Preference online form.; To ensure as many families as possible are aware of this form, schools will make best efforts to inform families through their communication channels (including email, social media, phone calls)

Covid For latest on school reopening and Department of Education updates please visit
For the latest on school building closures please visit :

Beacon After School Programs

Beacon programs operate during after school hours, summer vacation and on weekends and holidays, providing a wide range of services and activities for children and their families. If interested please inform the school so we can get your child enrolled.

Who Can Pick-Up Your Child

Children will only be released to parents or guardians, or to a person you list on your emergency blue card. If you need to have your child picked up by someone else not designated on the form, you must send in a note with your child that day to your child’s homeroom teacher. The note should specify the name and phone number of the person picking up. The person must bring appropriate ID. No exceptions will be made. Please do not phone the office to make last-minute switches.

In the event that the regularly assigned adult is unable to pick-up your child from school, the parent/guardian must notify the school immediately. In cases such as this, only adults listed on the blue card are authorized to pick-up your child from school. Any deviation from the adults listed on the blue card (or any change in dismissal) requires written notification signed by the parent. If you must make a last-minute change, send any changes in dismissal that have not be conveyed to your child’s homeroom teacher via a note to the teacher’s email. In the case of a real emergency, please call the main office at 718-467-0800. 

Emergency Blue Contact Cards

  • All families must complete and return 3 blue emergency card
  • The blue card must be kept up to date

*To update your address, contact and/or pick-up information on your Blue Card you must bring a current & valid proof of address to the staff in the main office. Phone number changes can be done by writing a letter from the primary parent(s) on the emergency contact cards.

Get In Touch

  • (718) 467-0800

Drop By

760 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216

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